Joy Marie Hallare
Illustration & Graphic Design


Illustration and Graphic Design. Artsy, Friendly, and Kind at Heart.

Art is her passion. Everything she sees is an inspiration to her art. She loves to draw, paint, and take photos. Her style is traditional mixed with modern and contemporary. She combines her art with graphic design.

Born and raised in Qatar, she embraced diversity in the Middle East. She immigrated with her family in 2003 to America to continue her passion. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from California State University, Fresno and Associate of Arts from College of Sequoias, both majoring in Graphic Design.

While she works, she freelances for open opportunities. Her relationships with businesses and nonprofit organizations grew through making their brand an identity.

Q & A with Joy

Q. What qualities and skills should a graphic designer have?
A graphic designer should not only have creative and technical skills but problem-solving and organization skills. Many businesses want someone who can create a design that meets their expectations in a short amount of time. Communication is essential here.

Q. How do you incorporate feedback into your designs? What's a time you received hard criticism for your work?
Every project I sent to my client is always a first draft. Sometimes you thought that you made looks good may be different to others. The first question in my mind is, "Why?"" The next is "How?" I listen to their feedback and later incorporate it to my work.

Q. How do you meet tough deadlines? Tell me about a time you completed great work under pressure?
I always put the deadlines as a priority on my list, depending on the level of difficulty. Any project under that time is a motivation for me to stay productive and experience to remember.

Q. Describe your creative process. What are your major steps?
The first thing I would do before I start a project is research on the company. Every business is different. Sometimes they would provide me the info. As I start on a project, I ask questions for accuracy and feedback for approval.

Q. What brands do you most admire and how do they influence your work?
Joy Cho from Oh Joy! inspires me to collaborate with artists to display and sell their craft. She is known for her colorful products that are fun for all ages. I applaud to every graphic designer who turn their passion into a career.

Q. Walk me through your portfolio. Which pieces are you most proud of, and why?
From the start of my career after college, I look back on the progress I made. The work shown in my portfolio are chosen for awards, commissions, and most importlantly, a start of their businesses. This is a starting step for me to go further and to use my talent to make someone's day.





Technology Game Changers (Apr-Aug 2019 4 months)
Created logo for startup online game and videos, campaigns, and trailers for promotions

LinkUs Enterprises (July 2017-June 2019 3 years)

RLF Printshop (Aug 2014-May 2016 2 years)

Speck Media Inc. (Sept 2015-January 2016 5 months)

Elite Global Journeys formerly River Park Travel (Sept 2013-October 2014 1 year)



Portfolio and Reference

Portfolio and Reference upon request